Daniel Pollack and Noy Davis* just published an article on Youth Today about the legitimate need for foster care agencies to do background checks before granting licenses to prospective foster parents.

“Across the country, some municipalities have begun to “Ban the Box,” to no longer at the outset ask questions about an applicant’s criminal history. Only later in the interview process may a criminal background check be requested…..

But legal restrictions on licensing people with previous criminal or child maltreatment allegations or histories to be foster parents are not akin to allowing these same people to vote. Put another way, an adult being left alone in a voting booth is not the same as a child being left alone with a potentially abusive or neglectful caretaker.”

Read the full article on YouthToday.

*Noy Davis is an attorney with the law firm of Schiff Hardin LLP in Washington, District of Columbia. Through Schiff Hardin, she represents First Star Institute.