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//Day with Microsoft – Director’s Blog

Day with Microsoft – Director’s Blog

We are most grateful to our hosts at the Microsoft store at Pentagon City for our technology training day.

We are very excited about this new partnership with Microsoft, thanks to Ms. LaSone Barber, and this was a great start. We began our morning reviewing our laptops and preparing for our computer clean-up courtesy of the Microsoft technicians.

We then engaged in a writing exercise titled, “Our Summer Hopes and Dreams”, which gave us all a chance to discuss what we would love to do with our July experience together on campus. We shared our expectations for behavior, studies, field trips, athletics and exercise, art, music, speakers, and other fun activities. We discussed our need to ramp up our writing skills in preparation for high school assignments and eventually college.

This then led to our trainer, Candace, who toured us through the store explaining the new 3-D printer, the surface tablets, the phones, and games, and other cutting edge technology. She introduced us to the many resources and far-reaching research opportunities available through Windows 8. We also discussed computer safety and the dangers of viruses and malware downloaded to our computers.

We had many choices for lunch at the Mall food court and we had the opportunity to catch up with each other while we ate. When we returned to class, we celebrated the birthdays of four of our students with some delicious cake provided by Ms. Gabrielle. Ms. Riley then led us through our new on-line vocabulary program on the large wall touch screen.

The remaining part of the day, we refreshed our review of our previous vocabulary lists and tried our hands at a quiz of their definitions. The end of the day came quickly and everyone departed to prepare for the upcoming snow storm.

We are all very proud of our students. They come to these events with bright smiles and hugs to share. They come with open minds that look forward to new learning opportunities. They are kind to each other and embrace respect for each individual. This was apparent when we welcomed a new student to our cohort yesterday.

Our students are bright, vibrant, funny, sweet, and hopeful. As I drive home from each monthly event, I give thanks that we have the chance to be in the presence of such beautiful young people. The future will be good with people like our young scholars leading the way.

With gratitude,

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