December 2014, Academy Students Stage Play at Arena Stage

//December 2014, Academy Students Stage Play at Arena Stage

December 2014, Academy Students Stage Play at Arena Stage

arena-stage-logoOur December monthly meeting, set at Arena Stage was a huge success! First students learned basic theater terms and actions required for an original mini performance. One favorite activity leading up to the performance was where students anonymously wrote on “graffiti balls.” In this activity students wrote their thoughts on large poster board headlined with “I wonder…” and “I hope…”, and completed each sentence. This helped the students for their next step, which was writing and producing their own play. With the help of the great people at Arena Stage, our students produced and performed a short play.

The theme of the play was home and throughout the performance our students expressed what home meant to them through both movements and words. They ended in saying “Who will aspire, to inspire me “and each stood tall and said their name. It was a very powerful and moving performance. Both staff and students were very proud of their ability to create and execute an inspiring piece.

Following the morning session at Arena Stage, students, mentors and staff enjoyed lunch at Z Burger and continued their day at the local library where monthly vocabulary tests were administered. Student progress through their assigned vocabulary in preparation for SATs continues to impress staff.

We all parted with good wishes for the upcoming holidays and the promise to meet again at the concert by the Georgetown Chorale and performances at the Kennedy Center.

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