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Director’s Blog – April, 2016

gx-deloitte-logo-globalSometimes you just need to have some fun!  For FSGWA’s April monthly meeting we all went bowling. We invited our Deloitte volunteer staff, admin staff, and mentors to join in some friendly competition.  Everyone had a blast at Lucky Strike Bowling Alley in Gallery Place, Washington DC.

Students first arrived around 9:30 am at the FSGWA offices at 901 K St, NW and ate breakfast with mentors and volunteers.  It was interesting for the youth to see where Mr. Brian and Ms. Lisa work and to spread out in the big conference room generously provided by the law firm of Schiff Harden.  Students discussed the end of the third quarter and what they were looking forward to in the 4th quarter at school.

The students then broke into small groups to review vocabulary and study with mentors, Deloitte volunteers and each other before the quizzes were handed out.  I have been pleased at how our youth have grown this year, especially in learning the new vocabulary.  Each month the quiz scores have risen and I have noticed the youth using some of the new words in everyday conversation.

After everyone had finished the vocabulary quizzes we took a moment to discuss the upcoming 2016 Summer Immersion Program.  It is bitter sweet because it will be the last summer we are altogether before graduation.  Senior staff discussed how the day schedule would allow for a bit more time to wake up in the mornings and that all academics would be in the early part of the day, instead of spread out.  We also discussed the different weekend activities planned for July and then opened the floor for feedback on what they would like to see or do that was not mentioned.

Many of the youth asked about specific mentor and admin staff, and whether they would be returning.  What new staff would be there, and who would be teaching the English, Math and Elective courses.  There was mixed emotions as we discussed our other summers and the things we would all like to see in our last one together.  We ended with a sense excitement for July!

At 11:30 am we all walked to Lucky Strike for our two hours of unlimited bowling. Each youth got an individual pizza, unlimited soda and could play as many games as they wanted in the two hour window.  We had a blast!  Youth moved from team to team competing for the highest score, the fastest completed game, and coolest looking ball.  Those that had never bowled before joined the action with smiles and encouragement from peers and staff.  It was a time for everyone where the only thing that mattered was having fun.

When all arms were sore and bellies were filled to the brim, we gathered our belongings and said our goodbyes. It was a much appreciated time to just connect and be goofy.   I can’t wait to see everyone again in May for a completely hands on Leadership and Communication Workshop!

With warmth and compassion,
Brian Ritchey
Program Director

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