Director’s Blog – March 2016

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Director’s Blog – March 2016

gx-deloitte-logo-globalAt our March meeting, the Academy learned about the importance of first impressions.  First impressions influence how others treat and view us.  Working with our wonderful Deloitte volunteer staff, we created an interactive workshop focused on resumes and first impressions. The students learned what makes up the bones of a resume and then worked in small groups to create their own.

Students arrived around 9:30 am and ate breakfast with mentors and volunteers and updated their mentors on their academics.  Everyone was excited to be reunited and have the chance to catch up.

The students broke into small groups to review vocabulary and study mentors, Deloitte volunteers and each other before the quizzes were handed out.  Once finished with both quizzes, students moved into smaller groups of two or three with a mentor at each table to begin the workshop.  Because Deloitte brought so many volunteers, we were able to provide the youth with a lot more one on one.

Our Deloitte Partners began with the ground rules and then asked the students what they hoped to learn from the workshop.  After eveyone had a chance to express their thoughts, the presenters reviewed the importance of resumes and the different types.  They explained that today for college applications, as well as job openings, reviewers look at a resume for approximately 30 seconds before making a decission.  That’s a very short time to impress someone and make your case.

The students discussed what they would look for on a resume if they were the ones reviewing them, and then flipped the script to become the one being reviewed.  Each youth started to think about what made them unique and then how to express that quality in one or two sentences.  These sentences would be the hook to grab the reviewer.

Everyone came back together to discuss the different types of resume platforms before finishing their outlines.  The students looked at social media formats such as LinkedIn, Facebook profiles and even individual website forms of resumes.  The group discussed the pros and cons of each and finished by reinforcing that while these platforms might be good extensions to add to a resume, everyone should still have a solid one page resume.

Back in the small groups, youth walked through a worksheet while giving feedback to others about the different activities they were a part of, their academic successes and even how to describe the FSGWA Program.  Senior staff and volunteers worked with each youth to craft wording that would best explain the program and even gave a few examples that could be modified depending on grade level.

We broke for lunch and birthday celebrations, then gathered around to provide feedback to our Deloitte partners about the workshop.  How did you feel about the workshop?  What did you like, or what would you like to see different in future workshops.  We also brainstormed topics to cover during the 2016 Summer Immersion.  Everyone settled on creating a senior year month by month personalized calendar for college applications and graduation.  I look forward to working without Deloitte Partners on creating such curriculum.

At the end of the day, we gathered our belongings and said our goodbyes before heading home around 3:00pm.  Everyone felt more confident about the resume writing process, but also expressed a desire to revisit the topic over the summer to refine what they completed so far.  I can’t wait to see everyone again in April and have a little fun when we go bowling!

With warmth and compassion,
Brian Ritchey
Program Director

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