Director’s Report – 2014 Residential Program, Week 2

//Director’s Report – 2014 Residential Program, Week 2

Director’s Report – 2014 Residential Program, Week 2

Week two was wonderful.  In English the students began identifying literary elements (mood, tone, simile, metaphor, symbolism, and imagery) in the short story “Salvation” by Langston Hughes.   They also studied the meaning of connotative and denotative words concentrating on the term “salvation.”  Our instructor helped the students learn to draw a parallel between the salvation that Langston Hughes described and their own understanding of “salvation.”

A majority of our students did well on the SAT Vocabulary pre-test and as a result, the students are even more motivated to learn the words they missed. Our next practice test will given during Week 3.  In addition, many of our students have shown marked improvement in their reading skills through the on line Reading Plus program.  We introduced the Career Cruising component of the program this week. It enables students to research careers and schools and develop an understanding of scholarships and Financial Aid for college.Our Math instructor has regrouped the students into three categories: Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.  With the advantage of small grouping (5 students per group) the students receive individualized attention.

I am very pleased to share that the students finished their first Ceramics project in their college credit course.  Each student created a box.  The variety of designs and shapes are astonishing. We are so proud of their creativity and attention to detail.

Ms. Eva, the dance instructor, introduced new Hip-Hop moves to the delight of the students.   They had so much fun with the new dance moves that many continue to practice them and help their classmates master them.  Not only are the students learning dance but they also practice yoga, power walking, and other exercise options in   the Lerner Center.  We continually emphasize the importance of keeping the body healthy and active.Friday afternoon was the kickoff to a great and fun-filled weekend.

Students went bowling Friday afternoon and on Saturday, they toured the campus of Howard University.  This was a great opportunity to experience the culture of a historically black university.   Later that evening, we went to see the movie, Transformers.  On Sunday, we all went to a Nationals game.  This was a wonderful opportunity for the students to spend time together and enjoy an action-packed film.  Overall, week two was another exciting week.

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