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Gene’s Story

Read Gene’s story. Gene is extremely bright and a walking encyclopedia.  He is fun, energetic and laughs easily.

Where do I start about all of the wonderful things that this program has made for me? Well I can start from the first time we met that day me and my uncle got to go to fun spot for the first time ever. On that day when we showed up I met three of the nicest people I will ever meet Doctor Cookie, Ms. Preeta, and Ms. Kristin these people the day I met them had enough energy and respect for all of us here till the point of right now. They welcomed us and told us all about the program and how it worked and I was fascinated when they were telling all about the benefits of this program. That day we made name things that they got to keep to use and got to eat pizza it was all good the pizza and the work. Then the fun happened they said we get to ride all the rides for free in the park which blew my mind and I was so excited for it all. I and my uncle had so much fun that day and I loved how much that it got us more together when we rode the fun things.

Then I got the news that they will be picking us up once a month every month and taking us places. I was so impressed by how they had organized the first trip that was to Wonder Works it was fun to do and a good experience to hang out with everybody at the same time we had a wonderful lunch followed by some more fun but the sad part of the day happened. I had to go home and I was upset but then I remembered that I will be going somewhere else next month and my face lit up with glee. That day was a good day I got home and told my family all about it. Then when I was done I got a good night sleep and moved on. From that point al of the trips have been amazing for me and I have loved them all and now to the present.

I am currently living in citrus hall in the Libra community in ucf the second largest university in the Unites States. This place is so amazing I love it the beds are comfy and the food is great and yea I miss my family but I will have to live with it for only a month but everything is great the teachers are great and the best part is I got a new laptop to use for what I want to use it for and I am typing this right now off of this computer that I love and think that they did an amazing job at getting these for us. The pod I live in has some kids that are mean to me but I am annoying so I get it and cool kids that I like to hang out with the bedroom buddy is named Thomas and he is cool me and him love to play and parkour together we like the fact that we are partners in crime and other things like that I love the fact that I get to live on a college campus while other kids my age are at home bored or on consoles’ playing games but I am here and learning and moving on grades and I love it this letter was to thank all the people that heled me. I love the people in my dorm they are nice and also like to have fun and I do to I might get on their nerves a lot but I am only trying to make new friends and I need to thank them for the courage to come here and do this thank you guys and you are like a family to me. One of the things that I really like is the fact that they take care of us when we need it and do the best for us and that 2they are the best of the best and I like the fact that they hire people to see us and to teach us new things that we did not know before this is the best thing that has happened to me and I love it and would not give one second back.



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