Grassley Welcomes New Co-Chair Of Caucus On Foster Youth

//Grassley Welcomes New Co-Chair Of Caucus On Foster Youth

Grassley Welcomes New Co-Chair Of Caucus On Foster Youth

As a state legislator, Stabenow sponsored major reforms to Michigan’s foster care system to provide permanent homes for children.

Grassley is the founder and co-chair of Caucus on Foster Youth, formed in 2009 with then-Sen. Mary Landrieu as the other co-chair.

The caucus is designed to highlight the voices of current and former youth to advise policymakers on the needs and challenges facing these individuals.

The caucus has a particular focus on the young adults who are aging out of the system and face educational challenges, financial literacy needs, risks of homelessness and substance abuse and more at a much higher rate than the general population.

Since 1999, more than 230,000 young adults have aged out of foster care without permanent family connections.

The caucus provides briefings and roundtables for senators and staff by think tank experts, foster care coalitions and other groups close to these kids and familiar with the issues they face. Any legislation enacted on foster youth issues is likely to include significant input from the caucus.

The caucus membership has grown since its founding. Grassley and Stabenow said they look forward to a strong membership in the 114th Congress. 

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