One of California’s largest private foster care agencies is under fire over allegations of torture and abuse that are outlined in a 76-page lawsuit.

The suit alleges foster care children endured physical and mental abuse of a seven-year period, abuse allegedly covered up by the Rancho Cucamonga-based Interim Care Foster Family Agency, which recruited and supervised the foster parents.

“My old foster parents, they used to make special tools just to torture us, and I was under the age of 10 years old,” former foster child Isaiah Sais said at a news conference Thursday.

Sais is one of eight suing the agency, which is part of California’s $400 million a year private foster care industry.

“I have been abused verbally, physically and sexually when I was put into foster care,” former foster child Shawna Adams said.

The suit claims the children were “caught in an illegal, abusive, violent, concealed, unconscionable ‘kids for cash’ operation from 2006 to 2013.”┬áIt goes on to say the foster children “suffered ongoing, unrestrained, terror, torture, corporal punishment, physical and mental abuse and neglect” at the hands of the foster parents that was “covered up/ unchecked by defendant Interim (Care Foster Family Agency).”

“We’re letting you hear our voices now because we were silent for too long,” former foster child Saleena Galvan said.

“The lawsuit alleges a kids for cash operation that has bilked the government of hundreds of thousands of dollars,” attorney L. Wallace Pate said.