June 2014 – DCFS Nutrition and Education for Foster Teens

//June 2014 – DCFS Nutrition and Education for Foster Teens

June 2014 – DCFS Nutrition and Education for Foster Teens


We started with delicious Greek yogurt and fruit parfait followed by two kinds of healthy protein packed omelets as examples of quick and delicious breakfast meals.  As we sampled these treats, we were immediately shown how to prepare superfood wraps filled with shredded cabbage, mint, parsley, feta cheese, grated apples, and Dijon mustard yogurt dressing!  Next came fabulous Chilled Chicken Curry Salad for a dinner sample.  We were shocked when Rebecca was able to give all 35 of us a little sample bowl beginning with only 2 cups of shredded chicken- how did she make it stretch so far???  And what is life without snacks?—well, we learned how to substitute junk snacks with yummy brown rice, chocolate peanut butter bars.  I have attached the recipes for all of us to enjoy at home!  We cemented our learning with a pop quiz and the students didn’t miss a single answer, not a single one!!  I couldn’t stump them on even the hardest questions!

After our lunch, Mr. Brian gave us an overview of the planned summer activities at GWU.  Everyone is excited about returning to college.  We transitioned into a grocery budgeting activity and how to buy to keep within the recommended 14% of total household budget.  It was an eye-opener to see what different salaries allowed us to purchase regarding food.  Suddenly, those fast food stops and vending machine purchases didn’t look so good when subtracted from our daily allotments.

We teamed up to study and review our 150 SAT/ACT words together.  Students beamed with pride as they told me how many words they have already mastered.  Some even asked me how soon we could be able to take a practice test.  Our students are great achievers!

I was again so proud when I explained the tasks we needed to do to leave our classroom space in pristine condition before we left.  Students loaded supplies, coolers, boxes and bags and took them to our cars.  Others were on the floor picking up every little crumb and paper so that the floor was spotless.  Others washed the tables down, while others took extra lunches and birthday cake to our terrific security guards downstairs who were so helpful to us all day.  Teams went into the bathrooms to ensure there were no paper towels on the floor and the sinks were wiped down and dry.  We finished with five of us packing up all of our huge trash bags and taking them to the loading dock trash bins.

As we basked in the glorious, breezy sunny day waiting for our rides, I looked around at the precious faces of our students, our volunteers, our mentors, our new director Brian, our partnering mentors, Academy friends and visiting parents.  I was filled with love and joy and pure contentment that this is learning and living in peace together at its very best.  This is how the world should be- filled with excitement, camaraderie, happiness for the gifts we have been given every day and hope for a bright future yet to come. Thank you to all for what you have brought to the learning community.  I thank you all for letting me be a part of the best Academy in the world!

In loving gratitude,


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