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childhood_deniedChildhood Denied – Ending the Nightmare of Child Abuse and Neglect

Written by Kathleen Kelley Reardon, PhD and Christopher T. Noblet, MA, MBA

Childhood Denied is an expose’ of how the United States ignores and often discards its most vulnerable children. Delving into the political, legal, and social factors of children at risk for abuse and neglect, it chronicles the plight of abused children across the nation and provides a “report card” for each state. With a practical, journalistic, and social welfare approach, this fervent book emboldens child welfare professionals, government representatives, lawmakers, child attorneys, law enforcers, and the general public to respond more effectively and consistently to the needs of children at risk.

Features and Benefits

  • Explores viable solutions to mitigate child abuse, such as care, training and education with the judicial system, and the development of national standards
  • Draws a clear distinction between questionable parenting practices and situations in which children’s lives and health are consistently in jeopardy
  • Employs a strong call to action and inspires readers to help end the cycle of abuse and neglect by addressing the core of the problem
  • Created in collaboration with First Star – an organization that offers a non partisan, multidisciplinary approach – and provides catalyst for change
  • Proposes and describes the extraordinary potential of university/college campus-based residential and outreach foster care, which First Star is now endeavoring to make a reality.

“This passionate and thoughtful book breaks new ground and voices in public, loud and clear, the primacy of children as our only future, the shoddy state of much of child welfare in the United States (one from dead last according to UNICEF!) and the steps we can take to improve things right now. Hats off to Kathleen Reardon and Christopher Noblet for caring enough to research and write it!” (Peter Samuelson)


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