National Aquarium Visit, January 4, 2014

//National Aquarium Visit, January 4, 2014

National Aquarium Visit, January 4, 2014

Good morning to all,

20140104-Aquarium-fish-2-250I apologize for my terrible delay sending this report.  I was without my computer on a trip last week and then it crashed on this past Monday. At last I have it repaired and I am back in action!

The National Aquarium at Baltimore Harbor was unbelievable!  We spent hours and hours observing the wildlife and sea animals of the world.  We felt like we had traveled to Australia, Antarctica, the coastal beaches, Atlantic Shelf, the kelp forests, tidal marshes and the South American rain forests!  We learned how animals adapt constantly to their environments in order to survive.  We learned about food webs, how animals protect themselves and their territories, and what we need to do to be good stewards to the precious Earth and all her creatures!  We saw dolphins, sharks, rays and skates, electric eels, sea horses, octopuses, millions of fish, snakes, birds, lizards, turtles, poison toads, monkeys, and even an elusive sloth that came down from the rain forest canopy and sat in plain view for all of us (a very rare event!)  Our students were amazed at the variety of life that exists in the world and we discussed what we must do to sustain all life around us.  We discussed issues such as global warming, pollution, natural disasters and interrelated global influences.

We explored careers and areas of research and study regarding the oceans and other water systems of the world.  On the bus ride home, the mentors led small group conversations about the Aquarium’s stated core values and how these pertain to us as citizens and scholars:

Integrity – Be true. Build trust. Do right. Do the right thing and accept responsibility for that which is ours.

Innovation – Be original. Challenge norms. Take chances. Support well-conceived risk taking, embrace creativity, and consistently pursue new opportunities.

Service – Be happy. Be good guests. Go beyond. Act to conserve the world’s aquatic treasures.

Excellence – Be great. Dream big. Reach farther. Drive toward excellence evidenced by accountability and exceeding expectations.

Engagement – Be passionate. Inspire wonder. Make connections. Inspire passion and a profound connection to the mission of the National Aquarium.

The students celebrated the January birthdays with delicious cupcakes and talked about their recent school and personal accomplishments.  We also celebrated several students who made the honor roll!  Everyone had a fabulous day together and we can hardly wait for our next music themed event on February 22nd at the Arts Club of Washington.

Thank you to all for making the day such a success!

Teresa Zutter

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