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GWA Talent Show

July 24th, 2013|Categories: FSGWA, FSGWA Videos, Video|

Students in the Greater Washington Academy summer college program performed at a talent show held in the Hand Chapel on the campus of George Washington University. First Star board members, mentors, students and others affiliated with the program cheered as performers read poetry, sang songs and danced for the enthusiastic crowd.

George Washington University Tour

May 11th, 2013|Categories: FSGWA, FSGWA Videos, Video|

First Star Greater Washington Academy students toured the George Washington University campus, a place they will call home starting in the summer of 2013. For four weeks, students will learn what it’s like to be a real college student by living on campus, taking a real college class for credit and navigating their schedules and social activities under the supervision of First Star mentors, directors and GWU faculty and staff.