Reading Plus Pre-Assessments

//Reading Plus Pre-Assessments

Reading Plus Pre-Assessments

Good morning,

We love the George Washington University- our university! Mount Vernon campus ROCKS!

Saturday was another perfect day for us as we all gathered at West Hall to take our Reading Plus pre-assessments on-line. Ms. Heidi Munkacsy and Dr. Colette Coleman graciously gave us everything we needed, including the huge room and internet access so that we could efficiently prepare for our summer curriculum. Thank you so much!

Students began the day with hugs and smiles and worked diligently on their laptops. They then easily transitioned to completing their individualized student learning plans (ILP) along with a mentor/volunteer. We enjoyed a delicious and bountiful lunch in the dining room and talked about how good the food is during the summer! Of course, we celebrated our May birthdays with yummy cupcakes and song. We welcome our three new students who are superstars right from the start!

Once we were refreshed with food, we broke into groups and studied our 150 SAT/ACT words. Mr. Brian and Ms. Robyn met with their two vocabulary teams and we had a fun and energetic team game using “coopetition” (a blend of cooperation and competition), earning points for each correct definition. It ended in a tie with high fives all around. Mother Nature was kind to us by ending the rain in time for us to have a quick walk touring the Mount Vernon campus. Timing was perfect for us to say our goodbyes at the Clock Tower just in time for the rides home. Thank you to everyone for making the day one more success for the FSGWA! With everyone’s good spirit and conscientious support, our students are bound for greatness!

Please mark your calendars for our next event on June 1st. This event will focus on Nutrition and we will sample our menus as we make cost-effective and healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack samples. It will be held at the CFSA building at 200 I street, SE. More information to come shortly!

Thanks to all!

Teresa Zutter

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