1707, 2015

Life Changer or Life Saver?

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At a young age I understood death more than I understood life. That is a concept that not a lot of people can get. I’m still figuring it out but at least it’s not something [...]

1707, 2015

Gene’s Story

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Read Gene’s story. Gene is extremely bright and a walking encyclopedia. He is fun, energetic and laughs easily.

1707, 2015

Justin’s Story

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Justin attended the First Star Academy at UCLA for four years and begins his freshman year at the University of California Riverside in fall 2015.

1811, 2013

First Star Family

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First Star Academy Program Foster youth are often denied access to adequate educational and residential programs that meet their unique needs within a supportive environment. The damaging effects of growing up in foster care without those needs met are staggering: high rates of young parenthood, unemployment, homelessness, inadequate health insurance, reliance on public assistance, severe mental illness and incarceration. […]

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First Star Academy – University of Utah

Lois M. Collins Deseret News March 30, 2017 SALT LAKE CITY — States remove abused and neglected children from dangerous or troubling situations every day and place them in foster care, promising to keep them [...]