Week 3 Was Great!

//Week 3 Was Great!

Week 3 Was Great!

The students did so many things and went to many different places. On Sunday, the students went to a Nationals baseball game. They received a free bobble head, as a collectable souvenir.  The next day, they all dressed up for a formal dinner. All of the students looked handsome and beautiful! They were invited to have dinner at the Howard Theater to celebrate the success of high school and college graduates of students in the DC CFSA.

On Tuesday we went to the Arts Club of Washington for another formal dinner and to present our art projects. Last week when students were at the Arts Club, they worked on a project about themselves. The objective was for every student to draw a picture of themselves.   The picture was split in half. On one side they drew how others see them, and on the other side they showed how they see themselves. Everyone put a lot of effort into creating self-portraits and  they learned more about their peers, when each one presented. The event was magnificent!

The students are very diligent. They use their time wisely and try their best to complete their assignments. For example, all of the students chose to get together in the lounge to finish incomplete work. Students worked on their essays for English class. They were required to create a 5-paragraph essay about a time they’ve been saved. It was inspired by a story by Langston Hughes, entitled “Salivation.” Students also worked on missing assignments for Reading Plus, focusing on See Reader, which helps with comprehension.

On Wednesday and Thursday, we were busier than usual. On Wednesday the students put together the Talent show. They did everything by themselves.  Every student was involved even though some did not perform. They created programs, handed out flyers, greeted guests, hosted, and gathered feedback from the audience after the show. The students and audience had a wonderful time.  We are all so proud of their talents.  Afterwards, we all had refreshments at the dorm. The students put together a surprise party for Mr. Wayne to celebrate his 70th birthday. He was surprised and grateful.

On Friday, the students went roller-skating. Students and mentors had a great time despite some bumps and bruises.  We witnessed many stylish moves. On the bus ride back to campus everyone talked about their experience. Saturday students visited the Arena Stage and put together a short play based on a script they wrote.  They bravely expressed the emotions and feelings surrounding their foster care experiences. Mrs. Susan and Mr. Wayne brought the students ice cream and brownies latter that night. Afterwards, they all sat together outside on the patio, ate their treats, chattered and relaxed. Everyone gathered in the Lounge to watch Pitch Perfect together before bed.

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